Our Story

It is with great joy that I welcome you to Khloe and Kate Designer Children’s Boutique. Khloe and Kate are my beautiful daughters and half the reason for the birth of my boutique. The other half, I give tribute to my mother, who was my rock, my encourager, and my best friend. She was a kindhearted person, with a humble spirit, filled with wisdom and grace. One day she said to me in her softly spoken voice, “Always remember my sweet girl…your children and the way you present them to others are a personal reflection of yourself.”

Somehow, those words remained with me and in my heart. The memory of that moment with her, gave me a passion and a love for beautiful baby clothes that are unique, classic, and timeless. A few years later, God open the door for Khloe and Kate Children’s Boutique, established in 2014. We are a tiny boutique, with a big vision. We offer unique items for baby and child with a classic, vintage, flair. Whether bringing your little one home from the hospital, a birthday gift, a baby shower, or simply enjoying time with loved ones. we hope to be included in the celebration by clothing your sweet one as they grow creating precious moments and memories.

Sarah L. Hossley